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How To Thoroughly Inspect A Classic American Muscle Car For Rust Before You Drive It Home

5 October 2017
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Classic American muscle cars rolled off the assembly line between thirty and sixty years ago. Because of their age, a lot of them have fallen victim to rust over the years. That's especially true if they've been driven in an area that receives snowy winters, because road salt tends to exacerbate the problem of rust. Repairing and repainting rusty body panels is extremely expensive. More importantly, rusty chassis and suspension components can make a car unsafe to drive. Read More …

Rebuilding Your Life With Bad Credit

4 October 2017
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Whether you've had a bankruptcy or a financial crisis, if your credit is ruined, it's difficult to do things in life. Car leasing and purchase contracts, car insurance policies, home purchases, apartment rentals, and many other activities can be hard to obtain. If you've lost everything, start using some of the ideas below to make your credit and life better. Plan Additional Income Having more money can solve many issues, even when your credit is still bad. Read More …

Tips For Avoiding Mechanical Problems With Your Vehicle

8 September 2017
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Problems with your vehicle can be an occurrence that you may not be able to fully avoid. However, individuals that take steps to avoid and prepare for these problems will be better situated to deal with them when they do arise. Know Whether The Engine's Computer Needs To Be Reset After Changing The Battery Modern cars are far more sophisticated than vehicles of even just a few years ago. It is common for newer cars to have computer chips that help to control, regulate and monitor the engine's performance. Read More …